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Reclaiming my 60 lb Loss - I have my sights on 70 lbs

Took a lot of hard work to get back my 60 lbs loss and I have maintained it for 3 days so I will report it and hope it simply isn't fake news! I am 8.6 lbs away from the very first goal I set for myself and I really would like to see if I can push myself to achieve that by my 48th birthday which is just shy of 6 weeks away.

Lesson Learned......

I thought all those workouts allowed me a little more room in my eating, well it just doesn't. I have accepted that now. No way around it, it's true you lose weight in the kitchen.

Here is my 6 week challenge to myself - hit my first goal of 159.00 by April 12th.

I Can and I Will Watch Me!

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