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New Day - New Goal

This life changing adventure has me sparked and on fire, passionate. I want to share it with anyone and everyone.

Now that I hit my first long term goal, I have decided on my next goal. I gave myself a little time to celebrate. In addition to the new jeans, I noticed that I needed a hair cut when I took that picture so I indulged and did that as well.

One thing I didn't do is celebrate with food. I was within my calorie range and did an exercise video on Easter when the gym was closed. Feel good about that because it seems in the past I have hit my goal then celebrated with food, and those size 8 jeans previously never had the tag off. In fact I had to buy new ones because it's been at least 10 years since my last attempt at this.

Meanwhile I am still working my plan and it's a new day, and a new goal.

I am happy with size 8 but I do think I see a 6 in my future. I feel so much better than I did before but I am still not at a healthy weight therefore I am going to go for it. I am even writing it here putting it out there,

New Goal: 135 lbs. That is an additional 23 lbs

Time Frame: August 31, 2018

I am looking forward to adding another picture to this!

I am feeling good and moving forward - New Day - New Goals

I Can and I Will..... Watch Me

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