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How to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

I have some friends starting out on their weight loss journey and I find it so exciting. I am always wanting to support anyone on their journey. Many of my friends have inquired about what I have done and asked me for tips.

When I put some thought into that it has boiled down to a few activities and a good portion of it is your mindset. You can do whatever you like, I am sure you want to lose weight the question is are you willing to commit and say I WILL lose weight. If you decide YOU WIll and adapt the I WILL attitude then I am certain of one thing. YOU WILL and all the doubters will Watch.

First of all it doesn’t matter what your starting point is or how many times you have started and failed. What is most important is that you haven’t QUIT. Let’s do a happy dance right here right now - Congratulations YOU are starting. Whatever happened in the past is the past and today is a fresh beginning as it is with every new day.

Maybe you are just thinking of starting but you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of how many pounds you need to lose. If you don’t start you won’t get anywhere. It starts with a thought and a desire. You can complain about it and how you dislike the weight but it all boils down to YOU and your actions. You and only YOU are 100 percent control of this journey with the exception of having a medical condition/reason as to why weight loss isn’t happening for you.

Here are a few things I would suggest when beginning or tweaking a weight loss journey that you are beginning or have already started but feeling frustrated.

1. What is your Why – Write down why you want to lose weight. Write down the benefits of losing weight for you. Then write down the reasons why you wouldn’t want to lose weight. I am a raving fan of taking a starting picture no matter how hard that may be but trust me when I tell you that during this process there will be days you are not seeing your progress but when you look back at that photo you will know how far you have come. Additionally take your measurements. This will help you on those times when that scale seems to not want to cooperate.

2. Set Goals – Start with a long term goal and then break that down into smaller achievable goals. For example my goal has been to lose 86 pounds. I broke that down into smaller goals to lose 2 lbs per week.

3. Select a eating plan that works for you – This likely is where we all struggle. Losing Weight is done in the kitchen NOT in the gym. You can lose weight on any eating plan you select including eating a diet of “Twinkies” if you eat it them in a calorie deficit. Not all eating plans are tolerable for everyone therefore I suggest you spend time writing down foods you enjoy and don’t feel like your missing out of something. Once you select your plan make a commitment to yourself to stick with that plan for no less than 6 weeks. No Matter WHAT. Again all these eating plans work if you stick to that plan. If you fall off a meal ok let that go and move forward jump right back on plan. Same thing apply’s anytime you fall off. We all have to live too so on those special occasions plan ahead. A plan is better than no plan. Any plan I have done consistently works – remember that consistency.

4. Invest in a food scale and learn about what portions truly are. I was 32 years old when I discovered what a real portion is. I can recall starting my first plan and three days in sitting on the floor and sobbing. ½ Cup carbohydrate WHAT? Every single time I am not losing when on a plan is because I am not accurately accounting for what I am eating. EVERY single time and when I go back to basics and measure my food and log it honestly it’s amazing how I will once again start to see results.

5. Log your food – If you are managing carbs log carbs, if you are doing calories log calories. Follow your plan.

6. Exercise – Move more. Yes I do move more. In 2017 when I invested in my first Fitbit I discovered I was lucky to move 3400 steps a day. I have a desk job and working my way to 10,000 steps a day was an effort. Find exercises you enjoy if you don’t enjoy them don’t do it. I enjoy walking, I enjoy dancing around and exercise classes like Zumba. I also enjoy Cardio Bootcamp and Cardio strength. Yoga well I have not developed a love for that same with Pilates or Barre. Stick to things you enjoy because it’s more likely you will do them. If you are just starting again use the same goal setting idea. Set a goal of an exercise you want to do and start by only doing 10 minutes per day.

Mindset and finding foods and exercise that you enjoy are key to making this work not only for the short term of losing the weight but also by keeping it off. There really is no finish line so enjoy the journey. It’s a journey of self discovery and learning to love yourself.

Wishing that each of you embrace the Mindset of I WILL …Watch Me.

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