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Fitbit and Aria Scale

Been playing with my new toys today! I wanted a different scale but opted for the Aria since it syncs with Spark People. Needless to say my old scale and new scale are about 1.3 lbs different. Wouldn't you know the new scale shows me 1.3 lbs heavier lol!

All evening trying to correct the numbers so they are accurate and seem to be struggling some on this site. I went and changed all my weight measurements and simply added 1.3 lbs to them including my start weight. I still have lost 12.4 lbs yet the thing now shows I have only lost 9 lbs. Needless to say I am frustrated. :(

The scale wasn't so easy to set up and I am not new to computers. I had to laugh that it took watching you tube to discover that you need to set the scale up on your phone app because the program they have to do it with the computer doesn't work! Really?

I always love playing with new toys and I do want/need to start incorporating some activity into my sedentary life. Previously I was a polar girl but seems everyone loves their fitbits!

One foot in front of the other..... step.... step ....... step. Hopefully I will get moving now :)

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