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Ending Week 34 - .2lb Loss - 63.9 lbs Total

Flirted with the BIG 65 lb loss this week on Wednesday - Previews, coming attractions but ended the week with just a .2 lb loss.

I felt good about this week especially my work outs. Wednesday workout I left thinking oh that one was pretty easy then Thursday evening rolled around and WOW did I feel that one in my core. Today's workout was High Intensity Interval Training tough one too. I can see the trainer has made my work outs more challenging and I feel good each time I complete my session. Been doing well with my walking too although today I just really want to take a break we shall see.

Been stressed and it's made me more tired than normal or maybe it just feels like fall is in the air here in Michigan. Today's high is 70 and although nice, it will not be a boat day. I have high hopes for tomorrow to get a little boat time in. The season is about a month away from being over.

Perhaps I will see my 65 lb loss next week and I will continue to push until I get there!

I Can and I Will....Watch Me.....

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