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2021 - Springing Forward This Sunday 197 lbs Total

The sun is shining here in Michigan and I am springing forward today with enthusiasm. This journey seems so different than my last three times I have done this. I am focused and committed and I am sticking to my eating plan and exercise.

The past several days I stuck to plan despite extreme stress. My 78 year old father passed out and stopped breathing and his defibrillator saved his life on March 5, 2021. He spent until last Wednesday, March 10th in the hospital. I was there but more limited than I would have been given Covid restrictions. However there were days coming home from hospital tired and hungry.

While driving home the easiest self soothing course of action would have been to hit a fast food option on my way home. I had a complete battle in my head about it while driving home one night. I talked myself out of it by telling myself that I don’t want to blow my whole week. I am unable to make sensible choices running thru a drive thru and I choose not to ruin my efforts. Instead I come home and ate something light and pushed myself to work out. My workouts were lighter than normal as I was trying to juggle personal issues and working but I didn’t miss one day.

I am going to hold on to this moment because in the past I have chosen to use similar events like this as an excuse to order that large pizza or whatever I feel like indulging in.

I am around the corner from 60 Days on this journey and I plan to be seeing that 20 lbs loss as I will continue to “Spring Forward”.

I Can and I Will ..... Watch Me!

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