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2021-Ending Week 21 - 50 lbs Total - Zipping Size 12

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Yesterday I ended week 21 with 50 lbs eliminated – Today for fun I went in my closet to see what I could zip. I was able to zip two size 12 Levi shorts. One was not so comfortable and the other I could wear now. I believe I am 13 lbs away from zipping my size 10's.

My goal of 32 more pounds doesn’t seem that far off. In the past month I lost 8 lbs which is fantastic yet the month seemed tough. I didn’t think it was tough doing all the things I know necessary it’s my mindset wanting it off already that made it tough. One of my strongest strengths is that when I am committed ... I am committed.....but it is also my biggest weakness. I find balance so challenging.

I had what I consider an aha moment recently. I was thinking about when I quit smoking and after day 3 or 4 I simply just ripped the patch off and went cold turkey. At that time I accepted the fact I can’t continue to smoke changed my behavior and in September I will celebrate 5 years as a non smoker.

Why should this be any different. I simply can no longer eat junk in crazy portions for the same reason I can’t smoke. It’s not healthy. I have said these things previously, but something feels very different now. I am not missing those foods and my mind is not focused on what I am depriving myself. I think maybe I have placed It in the same category as smoking. I have found substitutions for these things and maybe for the first time ever I am enjoying the foods I am eating. My perception is different my thoughts are more around that I am doing something good for myself rather than focused on what I wasn’t eating. In my previous journeys I wasn’t able to say that. In fact it was a joke when I was eating hard boiled egg whites I would say “YUMMY” sarcastically. Now I am looking forward to them and if I don’t want them well I make myself something else for breakfast and log it. One Sparker on the Facebook page used to post her exercise daily as a privilege that she was spending the time exercising rather than “oh geez I have to exercise today” I liked it and when I would see that post I would smile.

I continue to read my old blogs and I am saving them. I am thinking I might want to make up a little book for myself. Blogging was one of my favorite things about Spark and a Spark friend mentioned she is looking into different options to blog. I enjoy reading hers so much so I hope she does that.

I am finally going to get my hair cut and likely highlighted in celebration for the 50 lbs or 49.7 rounded up. First time since this whole covid thing. I know my gal is going to want to pull the bleach out and make me summer blonde but I don’t want the maintenance and my hair feels healthier. Stay tuned on that hair thing my gal has a funny way of getting her way. I specifically told her to hold off on mixing that color til I get there.

End Result:

Week 21 I hit 300 workouts on the mirror. I started a June Challenge on the mirror which was 3 cardio strength training 30 minute classes a week. This is more than I used to do with my personal trainer in the past I was only with him 2 times for 30 minutes and I feel I am making good progress. I am making great strides. Some of these things I am zipping I attribute to the mirror because at the number on the scale which is 191.5 today I couldn’t get into these things.

I have also been using Spark360 along side of Sparkpeople. I sent some feed back on it and for those who never used spark coach I am certain they will really like it. I used spark coach and having a bit of a difficult time adjusting to the format. Most of the things are there but presented in a different way. It feels corporate to me which makes sense but I don’t just want to read the content. I am missing the video’s on tips for weight loss even if I have watched them way to many times and they were dated. I am thankful to be able to continue my journey with Spark360 look forward to the food tracker when it rolls out.

I Can and I Will …. Watch Me. (another spark thing have a Mantra 😊)

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