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There is NO Tomorrow with the Trainer

January is coming to an end and here are the positive things I have accomplished.

I was at the gym alot - DSKO and Trainer.

Here is where I continue to falter. My eating is still out of control and I don't know what it is. I just continue to struggle in making healthy positive choices. All the tools I have used in the past just don't seem to be working.

I am going through the motions, planning meals. I bring them to work, and have taken the time out to eat them yet continue to blow it in the evenings with some unhealthy over sized meals and then snack......

Frustrating doesn't even begin to express how I am feeling about this.

On Wednesday my trainer notified me it was time to renew my monthly agreement and prices were increasing......

I had been considering not renewing prior to the price increase. I am wasting my time if in fact my eating is out of control. Not to mention I belong to and go to a big box gym several times a week. All kinds of classes there many have strength training. I really like my trainer he is a good guy but honestly I think he should have gotten on me some when it was blatantly obvious that my scale was moving in the wrong direction. Never one word.

Now don't get me wrong this isn't about me avoiding responsibility for my own actions however I do think that he should have said something.

Personal training isn't cheap and I didn't renew for the first time in two years. I think I need something else or someone else. It's been fine when I was self motivated but now I need someone to push me and mentor me. Somehow ignite that spark that seems lacking.

I left Wednesday's personal training session and headed over to my Big Box gym to jump into my happy hour.... DSKO! Detroit Style Kept Original or Do Some Kind of Fitness. I told the owner of that class I am no longer going to personal train with my trainer. He knows my trainer.... I introduced them. The owner instructor of DSKO is a personal trainer and offered me to come see him for a free session. I am not sure I can afford him but maybe he will work something out with me. That is my hope anyway.....

I need someone to inspire and spark me and one thing I know about Corey "Mr. DSKO" I love his energy and his wifes energy and maybe they could help me get out of this rut. Not to mention I truly want to instruct DSKO after all I did get certified. I am really hoping we can work something out.

Today Saturday would have been personal trainer day. I got up and contemplated things. Searched the internet to see how self motivated I was today to work out. Figured I could just do something online. Then i decided to get up and get dressed and go to my big box gym and hit a class called Maxx Fitter. It's a tough class for 1 hour not 30 minutes that I normally do with trainer. I have watched them on Tuesday nights and always been a little intimidated.

I decided I was going to try something new and something that was already included in my monthly gym membership rate. I completed the class and I am feeling it. The first 30 minutes was no problem but somewhat struggled the last 30 minutes. It pushed me some and I have room for improvement. I was thankful someone in the class saw I was new and helped me with all the equipment set up needed. Love the people at my gym most are so friendly and helpful.

After class I walked on treadmill, hit my step goal and hit the sauna. I really wanted to do nothing but proud I spent my first Saturday without the trainer making a good choice.

Now I just need get this eating under control.....

I need to sit and revisit my why....... I feel once again I have lost my why.

It should be as simple as I am worth it .... yet it's not

Wishing everyone a week of great choices ahead.

I Can and I Will ......Watch me!

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