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I am My Own Valentine - Self Love - 75 Pound Loss

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

February is a symbol of Love and it’s taken me a long time to realize that perhaps the most important part about Love is when we Love ourselves. When we love ourselves and we are healthy physically and emotionally our essence just shines. It shines and spreads to others when we are happy and satisfied we have more to give.

I have repeatedly started this weight loss journey to reach my goals then revert back to my old habits.

Losing weight has been the hardest thing I have ever tackled and keeping it off despite losing large amounts of weight (several times) I haven’t mastered. Yet I haven’t given up and I keep trying.

It’s a process and it doesn’t matter what amount of weight you want to lose or your fitness goals it takes dedication. Consistently showing up and doing a series of activities. Such as calorie deficit and moving more. When things are not going as planned and you find yourself at a stall you need to change things up.

Whatever motivated you to start losing weight often changes over time and perhaps the key to keeping it off boils down to self love. Love yourself enough to not give up. Love yourself enough to consistently do the things necessary to keep the weight off because it’s not healthy. Choose YOU.

Today I hit my 75 pound loss and yes I am happy to see that accomplishment.

I am not defined by a number on a scale or the measurements of my waist or what size jeans I might be wearing. I am happy that I have been choosing me consistently and loving myself . It's allowed me to reach that 75 pound loss. It sometimes feels foreign to me saying no I cant do that I am working out or no I am not interested in eating out I have my meal planned. No is just hard for me to say it always has been.

I am going to continue to say NO when I need to. I am practicing self love. I am thankful that I cracked down on my eating habits January 1st and I leveled up on my workouts. I have lost 8.1 lb since January 1st. I have my eyes now on that 80 lb loss and I am simply am going to continue it by practicing self love.

I Will Watch Me..........

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