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Progress - 68.1 lbs Total (Voted Featured Blog Post - Spark People)

Today I am truly thankful that I didn't give up, that when I took a few steps backwards that I picked myself up and moved forward. If you are thinking of quitting - DON'T and you will thank yourself later I promise.

Saturday is my personal trainer day and I said to Rob, my trainer, "I am the most dedicated client you have". He agreed. Then I said, "I bet when I walked in here you never would have guessed that". He didn't agree or disagree but I know that my dedication has surprised him.

Recently I charged the trainer with making sure I hit this goal of 159.00 on the scale by my birthday. He has taken that to heart and really increased what we do in my sessions. Yesterday he had me do 150 squats something I didn't even think I could do. I did (3) sets of 50, did pull ups (assisted) and ran a quarter mile (3) times. Imagine what I will be writing about in a year from now and by the time I hit my long term goal of fit by 50!

At my big box gym one of my favorite things to do after working out is sit in the Sauna. I end up talking to people in there usually younger woman and today some 27 year old gal in there made a comment about my "guns" and how good my arms look for almost 48 years old. She went on to comment that most people my age have all this flab hanging on their arms. How thankful I am to Rob my trainer that I don't have to much flab. My longest high school friend also commented last week she was amazed I didn't have a ton of loose skin. I am so thankful that I have been strength training, it has certainly made a difference.

I am making progress day by day, one good choice at a time. Wishing everyone a fantastic week ahead!

I Will ....Watch Me!

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