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Life Updates - Change

Alot of changes since my last blog back in April. The biggest change is that I switched jobs.

In early May by accident I was approached to take on a new position that had the potential for alot of money. Things had slowed in the mortgage industry with interest rates on the rise and seems I am hearing of lay offs frequently. I ended up accepting that position and was able to negotiate taking a week off before I started. My start date was going to May 29th. Needless to say the whole month of May was really spent on sorting out making this change and transitioning.

The new company placed me on group text messages and I had been part of these group texts for 3 weeks .... long before I started. I found that this job was going to be 7 days a week and I wasn't anticipating that. Additionally the tone of these messages by the owner during the weekend to all his employees I found even more disturbing. Yet here I had resigned and I knew I had made a mistake. What is a gal to do now right?

My first day of my vacation I quickly thought to see if there were any positions available (even though the mortgage industry is laying people off like crazy) up came an ad for the same company I had just resigned from but different location. Even more interesting ..... I knew the owner as my very 2nd job I had worked for his mom. I called and he said he didn't have anything but he is always looking for good people to come on in. Well by Friday I was accepting his offer at 4 pm and not taking the other position.

All during this week of craziness when I was supposed to be enjoying my vacation the first one I had taken in 3 years! I was able to get some down time and something awesome happened - I finally figured out what I want to do when I grow up!!!

It seems a little bold and crazy actually so I wrote a couple of my friends here on spark and shared my news. I received some really awesome positive feed back as well and I am very thankful for the kind words Spark friends. My hope is after I get over the learning curve of this new position I will settle in and be able to pursue what I really am passionate about.

What am I passionate about..... I want to give back and help others accomplish what I have accomplished. I have decided I want to become a certified Health and Life Coach.

Wow I put that in writing and now it feels more real than it has previously. Yet I know in my heart of hearts I want to pursue that and I am going to. Nothing gives me more joy and happiness than hearing about someone succeeding. In addition to that I have asked my instructor owner of DSKO to certify me to be able to teach his unique hybrid cardio class which is hip hop, kick boxing and boot camp rolled into one! Best part it's done in the dark. He has been promoting it and I am in alot of his promotion video's. It's only in Michigan but I believe this is going to spread across the country.

Meanwhile on my own personal journey I am basically maintaining. Still at personal trainer two times a week. Not at my big box gym as much as I have been getting my steps in by walking outside. Not enough boat time or paddle boarding the weather hasn't been cooperating much, although that I believe changes tomorrow.

I have struggled with change my entire life and this job change is no different. I am trying to settle into a routine that works around my 6 small meals a day. I haven't been 100% with that and my weight has been fluctuating 5 lbs. On a positive note I am not ignoring it I am still stepping on the scale and simply trying to get in a routine.

Most exciting moment was spending a girls weekend with my best girl friend recently. We hit a garage sale and I was able to buy 4 mini skirts. One was a size 6! All skirts zipped and fit, one a little snug but won't be when I get fully on track and get this 5 lbs off!

I am thankful and truly excited about the future. I appreciate each and every one of you who have reached out to check in on me.

Wishing everyone a successful week of good choices!

I Will ....Watch Me!

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