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2021 - I Can and I Will Watch Me - Down 62 lbs Total

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

I was out of my element this week - cat and house sitting for my friends and boss Richard and his wife Michele. Michele stocked the house with so many of my favorite things, GNC Lean Shakes Swiss Chocolate, string cheese, fresh fruit so I could easily stay on track. I was staying there from July 31st to August 6th. I didn't bring my scale as it is a wifi scale and felt anxious about not knowing where I was at all week. Decided I was going to experiment some. Saturday I wasn't there but 5 hours and ordering a Pizza from Door Dash. It was an impulse order I was watching TV and just not feeling like chicken or anything she had purchased. I ate the Pizza in 2 days rather than in one sitting and jumped right back on track Monday with making good choices. I deviated some and snacked more than I normally do. Again no scale to see where I was at and my hope was I was going to maintain.

This morning I am now back at home I weighed .7 lbs less then I did when I went to her house so I am celebrating that because I really would grade my eating week as a C but I did manage to not miss any workout sessions and got alot of walking in.

Did My Mirror on my Ipad every day

Up to 2 Minute Planks

I have been postponing saving all my blogs although I have started. I get going then get distracted but I want to keep my journey on record. At first I thought I would make myself a book but I have secured a domain name and am determined to transfer my journey on my blogs there. My new Domain name is Have no clue how I am moving forward but I am determined to keep blogging and turning my spark into a flame.

I Can and I Will....Watch Me!

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