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I am In Control - 66.2 lbs Total

Have each of you noticed that before you started this journey you might have read something like the above saying and thought yes that is true, but didn't give it much more thought? Now I read these things and it's like it speaks to my soul. Everything for me at this time seems like it's out of control. Situations at work, people, family.

In fact the more chaotic life gets the more I seem determined to stay focused on one of the very few things I can control my eating habits and getting my exercise in. I feel good at the end of each day when I haven't deviated from my plan and I exercised and pushed myself just a little bit harder each day.

I am 2.9 lbs away from the very first goal I set. I am striving to reach that by April 12th. I weighed in at 161.9 today. I am in control and I can do this. I am letting go of the situations and things I can't control and simply focusing on the things I can.

I am in control!

I Will....Watch Me

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