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Finding Balboa.....

In middle school (a long long time ago) I had a nickname when I played basketball. The nickname was Balboa as in Rocky Balboa. The kids would chant Balboa in the stands. Honestly I didn’t get into fights but I had the eye of the tiger and I was tough on the basketball court.

A couple years ago I broke my baby toe (not tough) and while at the foot Doctor a nurse asked me if I went to a particular middle school, and I confirmed that I did go to that school. The nurse than said “you played basketball”. I told her I did. She then proceeded to tell me she played for our rival school and she remembered me. At the time I thought WOW this woman remembered me from 30+ years ago? We only played their school 4 times.

What on earth did I do to leave that kind of impression?

Deep down I knew the answer to that even though the person sitting in that doctor office didn’t even resemble that 13 year old girl who was called “Balboa”. Balboa was a force - sheer determination and she didn’t give up.

Now I wasn’t the best player or even that talented. I certainly wasn’t built to be a basketball player but I certainly had the drive, the determination. When I got knocked down I got up and came back harder. That was why that girl remembered me all those years ago and that was why I had the nickname Balboa.

Last week when I won that 6 week challenge, I found Balboa! I can hear that name once again chanted in the stands..... Balboa, Balboa.......

That girl now 47 year old woman didn’t give up. Even though 4 weeks into that challenge I was up a pound, from my initial start weigh in. That wasn’t about me winning the challenge as much as it was of me saying to myself I am worth it. I got back up and kept going and even if I didn't win that round, I am going to win the fight because I once again have the eye of the tiger.

Each and every day I make choices and I ask myself does this choice get me closer or further away from where I want to be. I am reprogramming my brain about how I think about food. Food is fuel and if I fuel my body properly it will give me the performance I want it to.

I am giving it my all when I work out daily. Recently I was complaining about how one Zumba instructor had more energy than the other and I felt the instructor with lower energy was keeping me from maximizing my efforts. Really?

Past couple weeks I decided to up the intensity myself and now I am sweating like crazy and enjoying that class even more.

I am going to continue to get back up and life isn’t going to beat me down, I know what I am worth and now I am going to go out and get what I am worth.

Wishing each and every one of you the "Eye of the Tiger".

I Will ....Watch Me

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