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Ending Week 36 - 1.4 lb Loss - 66 lbs Total

Celebrating my 65 lb Loss this week. Woooohoooo!

My trainer is on vacation today and I am needing to do some sort of strength training on my own. Perhaps I will try a video from here. I found last time I was off for one week going back seemed difficult and I don't want that to be the case on Wednesday.

I am now only 3.1 lbs away from my very first long term goal. I hope to be hitting my goal sometime in October.

This week I found I need an extra push to look for motivation.

So many of my spark friends have inspired me and given me the extra spark I needed. It's with a heart full of gratitude that I say thank you to each of you who share your journey. I find inspiration from each of you who keep coming here every day as I do.

Spark People gives me accountability in the same way my trainer does. I don't want to miss a day, I like spinning the wheel and not breaking my streak. When I am struggling friends I have made here check in on me and that I find to be the most valuable.

Again thank you.

Wishing you a great week making good choices.

I Can and I Will ....Watch Me....

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