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Ending Week 28 & 29 - 3.2 lb GAIN - 56.1 lbs Total

I have been missing in action the last couple weeks. I have been logging in every day and going through the motions but if I were to give myself a grade it would be an E for the week of the 28th and didn't regroup until current week.

I won't spend much time focused on the week I was off target other than to say it sure doesn't take much to be off. Mostly where I faltered was spending evenings on the lake drinking wines and my portions were not as strict. I did have two slices of pizza as well which by itself wouldn't have been the end of the world but had already had my turkey burger patty.

Yea, I was off course and that week resulted in a 5.2 lb gain. I truly had expected a challenge as the week before meeting my friend I had an unrealistic 4.8 lb loss.

As I started the week of the 29th I decided enough was enough. No more boating and hitting the bar. I was looking forward to seeing the trainer on Wednesday - he took last Saturday off. One week off seemed like a lifetime yet I stayed active. Biking, paddle boarding, walking. My scheduled seemed off not going and I think that if he decides to take another day off I am going to utilize the other trainer. This Wednesday's workout seemed tougher than it should have.

I am focused again and a large part of that is because of a couple of my spark friends who checked in on me or listened to my disappointment about the final outcome with my old friend. Thank you Spark Friends!

Again my mind knew that no matter how much weight or what I had accomplished would change nothing but my heart still had hope. When he dropped off my things I knew at that point there was no hope. I would never really understand the why behind it and only left with these are truly his shortcomings and loss not mine. Friends at the dock kept me busy and for that I am thankful that I wasn't just spending time locked in my head.

This sums it up :)

I am being re-directed to something better and I am not going back to the old me.

I Can and I Will...... Watch Me

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