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Ending Week 27 - 4.8 lb Loss - 59.3 lbs Total

Huge weight loss this week which was due to stress and anxiety over that meeting. I had a perfect eating week and revised some of my meals with leaner proteins - no lean hamburger patties this week :) Also no late night popcorn.

Today's weight is: 168.8 with only 9.8 remaining until I hit my very first goal!

I am super proud of my progress in this picture. The July picture was taken last week after I posted my ending week results. I was down 5 lbs in a month and took 2 inches off my waist and one inch off my hips. I can really see the results of working with the trainer two times a week. I think when I hit my goal I may bump this up to 3 times per week.

The outcome with my friend was not as hoped because yes, my heart hoped that things were going to change but my mind knew it wasn't. He dropped off my things today and although sad I believe I can finally close the door on this and start a new chapter in my life.

Working hard ..... seeing results and starting the new chapter.

I Can and I Will.... Watch Me

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