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Ending Week 23 - 2.9 lb Loss 53.3 lbs Total

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Sometimes you have to walk through the storm to see the rainbow.

I am having a difficult time just sitting around these days. I sit for a bit on the boat and start feeling like I should be doing something. This will usually result in me getting up and taking a walk. One evening this week, I coaxed my dad into walking with me even though the sky looked threatening. We were almost home and while the sun shined it started pouring. I stood there looking to find the rainbow and when it paused raining the most beautiful rainbow appeared. My father took this beautiful picture and this experience was the highlight of my week. My dad turned 75 yesterday and it's Fathers Day tomorrow. It's a special moment in time that we shared together, us getting soaked in the rain to seeing this rainbow. To think I would have missed that had I just been sitting inside.

It reminds me of this journey all of us are on - moving forward in the storm to find the rainbow at the end. What's at the end of the rainbow for you? For me it's living a healthy lifestyle. Being able to get up and go. Having energy to do things after a long day. It's hard now for me to imagine that just a short 6 months ago I barely had any energy.

Last Saturday while driving to the gym I saw my former friend bike riding. I was rather far away but honked my horn and he turned and I am certain he saw my car. My father also saw him that same day biking where our boat is docked. I had been waiting for him to reach out to return my things which as mentioned in previous blogs. These items are expensive my firepit table for my boat and my paddleboard, many other things as well. On Sunday it was 89 degrees and I wanted to paddleboard but I didn't want to make that call. Not to mention that I expect he would not have brought it that day anyway. I never liked my old board anyway so I decided I was getting a new one Sunday morning and by 3:00 pm Sunday afternoon I was paddling away on my new board.

Wow that is a big difference new board and a confident person old board and someone who is unsure of themselves.

Meanwhile I guess I was so busy this week between work and being active that I had a great loss on the scale. That is all very exciting news and I still have 16.8 lbs until I reach my goal which I will most likely adjust down after I hit that.

Cheers to whatever is at the end of your rainbow! Wishing you all a very active, healthy weekend and a successful week ahead.

I Can and I Will..... Watch Me!

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