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Ending Week 20 - .5 lb Loss - 47.3 lbs Total

It's official 2017 Boat Season has arrived. Drastic change from 2016. Only 20 short weeks and such an accomplishment.

Last Monday was a clear day and the nicest day of the entire week to get the boat in the water. The rest of the week here has not been chilly and rainy - no boat time. Today we have blue skies and although our projected high is only 75 (not great boat weather) I hope to be out there, even if I do have to have my coat with me.

This week I was reminded about why I started this all to begin with. An associate from work who is in their early 40's had a stroke. He is in rehab now. Before I quit smoking I would often take a break and smoke with him when he stopped in. I know I have abused myself with smoking and this extra weight and I guess I am hoping that whatever damage I may have caused myself by unhealthy choices can be reversed before it catches up with me.

Overall I would give my week a B+ yet my scale isn't reflecting my efforts. I did indulge in a couple evenings with the skinny popcorn and that was completely not like me. The entire week I was just hungry. Normally I go 3 hours in between my small meals, I would eat something and 2 hours later I was hungry. Anyway this was happening in the evening as well and I grabbed the skinny popcorn twice and not in my normal measured out amounts. Last night I grabbed some protein instead which I think was a better choice for me. Seemed to take that edge off.

I struggled and did not get 10,000 steps in but each day I did hit my 6,000 goal but some evenings that required me walking until 9:00 pm around the sub. This week simply seemed tougher than most as I really had to make an effort.

Last night I stayed at my friends after work and we hung out by their pool. Didn't feel like swimming but danced around the parameter to get my steps in. Refrained from any holiday cocktails and the big success for me was not caving to the Pizza they ordered. I had my protein bar instead. Having something on me at all times has truly helped me stay on course.

I am making a choice each day and perhaps each meal to be a healthier me and learning each day as I go.

Headed to the trainer and boat time. Wishing each of you a week of choices that put you closer to your goals!

I Can and I Will..... Watch Me......

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