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Ending Week 17 - 3.3 lb Loss - 43 lbs Total

This picture truly shows how far I have come and I am celebrating my success this week. I didn't realize that until I wore this sweat shirt and thought of the horrible picture I had taken in that same sweat shirt "Before". I had my friend Michele who is in the first picture take another picture this week. All I can say is it's the first time I can see how far I have come.

Things of interest this week really involve my activity levels. I had been pushing day in and day out to get those steps in and meeting the trainer twice a week. This week given my work schedule I met my goal of 6,000 steps every day yet couldn't get the 10,000 in. I am seeing the trainer for the 2nd time this week today. My activity level went down this week from the past two weeks. I guess I don't know where the magic number is when I incorporate higher activity. The previous two weeks I was really killing it with all my activity but struggling really with the scale. This week I backed off and look big results. I suspect in my case I would not be eating enough but I am determined to find the sweet spot as I increase my activity.

My discounted trainer sessions ended this week and I wasn't sure if I was going to move forward with my current place. I set an appointment to see what the competition had to offer. The new place wouldn't give me pricing over the phone I figured the cost was going to be expensive. I am not really clicking with my current guy and was determined to maybe find a better match for me. I liked that the new place during the consultation discussed my goals in detail. I have come along way but the salesman in him made numerous points of telling me how much further I need to go which by the way was further than my current weight goal because it's not in his charts.

Yes I have a distance to go. My goal is still 26.1 lbs away and I don't really care what the charts say, but I may adjust down some once I am there.

My goal of being fit by 50 is three years away. I am content right now slowly incorporating exercise into my daily life. Twice now I have been told you can't see results unless you are training 3 times per week. That simply isn't true and I am not focused on getting there the fastest, I simply have a long term picture in mind. If I want to go twice a week that certainly is my choice and as I get closer to my current goal I am sure I will increase my activities. Twice a week and walking every day is meeting my needs right now - it's that simple.

I decided to stay with my current trainer. I think I got over the fact I we don't seem to click when I heard the competitions prices at $68.00/session for 40 Mins when I am going to be paying $22.00/session for 30 Mins. I will tell myself "great job"

Michigan weather has been terrible and I have not been able to ride my new bike or get outside. My boat is scheduled to come out of storage May 15th it's around the corner. I am looking forward to my outdoor living room and sunshine!

Still digging in the dirt to find the places I got hurt ~ Peter Gabriel. I have a ways to go there too but today I simply want to be happy in this moment.

I Can and I Will.... Watch Me

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