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Almost Mid February - 2.1 lb Loss - 53.5 lb Total

When I started this journey I many times blogged about my happy weight. A specific range on the scale where I am comfortable and emotionally secure. It's a weight my body no doubt seems to like because I am doing all the right things now and don't have alot to show for it. Yet where my body seems most comfortable I am no longer comfortable here, I can official say this is no longer my happy weight. I will continue to strive to reach my goals and my long term goal of being fit by 50!

This weight just isn't sliding off me like it once did and now if I lost 5 lbs in a month I would be doing a happy dance here.

I decided to take the week number out of the title of my blogs - I find I am frustrated by the lack of progress. Not to mention that I have decided that the time truly doesn't matter.

I have said it before there is no finish line so why does time really matter? It's a life style not me pushing to just reach some number on the scale. I am being honest with myself and accountable for my choices. I continue to make good choice after good choice eventually it will show up!

Here is my non scale victory this week. For a year now I have been consistently exercising. This week weather has been a challenge here in Michigan. Yesterday I worked from home due to roads and at 7 pm I did a video to make sure I got my steps in. I didn't even stop at my minimum goal of 6,000 or at 10 Active minutes - I went to 10,000 steps and 68 active minutes. It's become a habit and it's how I manage stress now. To not exercise now seems like I am missing something important in my day.

I will regain my loss one pound at a time and it doesn't matter how long it takes, I am just going to continue to make good choices.

I Will ....Watch Me!

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