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2021 - 6 Months and a few days..... Goodbye 60 lbs

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Pushing hard these days with Spark People coming to an end. I am maintaining my streak here along with one on the new Spark. I would like to think I could hit 70 lbs before we say good bye here but that isn't likely but I sure am going to push.

I continue to simply stick to what I know works for me and the results simply are a reflection of me working my plan. I stay within my calorie range and exercise daily even if it's just getting my steps in. I am so grateful that I decided to put myself first again back in January. I am worth it and I don't plan on making this journey again. I plan to stick to it this time and just find a way to make the whole maintenance aspect of it a game and fun. I like how many people in the Spark Alumni group on Facebook do that.

On July 15 I was able to zip my size 10 Levis, I didn't even bother to try my size 8's. Today I tried them to see how far I was away and guess what? They zipped. Granted both of these pair have stretch so I gotta believe that my working out on the Mirror has allowed me to do these things at the weight I am at. On my previous journey at this weight it wasn't possible.

Spark taught me to use a Mantra and mine is I Can and I will.... Watch Me!

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