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48 And Feeling Great - 68.6 lbs Total

I can't believe I am posting this picture but I feel so good about what I have accomplished that I want to shout it out. I am actually seeing some definition and I am sparked.

I have this overwhelming sense of euphoria that I want to bottle and share with everyone. I realize I can't keep this feeling all the time but I am writing about it because on those days when I don't want to do what I need to do or things aren't going my way I want to be able to recall this moment in time.

What an exceptional week!

I had a wonderful birthday filled with so many warm wishes that my heart was simply overflowing with love. I danced my night away and my Fitbit reported that I was dancing for 191 minutes..... yes that was correct non stop for 191 minutes. Half of that time was in the cardio zone the other half fat burning. I also had several wines as well but I was celebrating my birthday - celebrating life and I was happy. Admittedly I felt the excessive dancing in my knees the following day and well I was a tad bit hung over.

Before my birthday my scale was reporting I hit my goal. As of today I am still shy by a 1/2 pound and I truly don't care either. Basically I must have about 3 lbs of water weight that varies because the scale has been fluctuating those 3 lbs on and off now for a week. The day after my birthday celebration I was down 3 lbs again and I am certain I was dehydrated!

Michigan weather has been completely terrible with the exception of 66 degrees on my birthday. Today we are having an ice storm and I am sitting here debating about whether I am venturing to the gym or not. Ultimately I know I am just procrastinating.

Things I am sparked about this week. I will be guest speaking at my Boutique Gym where I personal train during an event on nutrition. Many of the clients training there are putting in the time but not losing weight. The trainers mention it's diet but we all know its a difficult thing to change. The owner felt that if I shared my story that I might inspire someone. Which is more rewarding for me if I can "spark" someone. I am looking forward to the event sharing my story and learning more about label reading. There will be a recipe exchange too.

I am one of those people who refuses to put time in training to not see results. If I am going to spend time working out I am not going to ruin it by having something that ruins the entire workout. I have said it before and will say it again, you lose weight in the kitchen and get fit in the gym. Often these things are done together. However you can be skinny and not in shape or in shape and not thin.

Meanwhile I have "sparked" someone lately and I have to share. A beautiful young gal I met at my big box gym. She has implemented an eating plan and lost 4.5 lbs her first week. She also joined where I personal train and joined me for my training session on Saturday. I am so excited and proud to watch as she embraces her journey.

Right now my flame is raging like a wild fire and I feel like absolutely nothing can stop me.

As always wishing us all a day of good choices and the week ahead filled with more good choices than bad ones.

I Can and I Will ..... Watch Me!

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