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2018 - Week 1 - 2.2 lb loss 41.4 lb Total

I am using my anniversary date as the beginning of my new year. I feel like I am starting over and not just continuing......... This is my week 1 for 2018.

I am celebrating my 2.2 loss and regaining my 50 lb mark.

I worked super hard this week. I felt good about my eating although I still was not 100% I am logging and not snacking (as much). I continued to workout with the trainer and hit my big box gym. Wednesday I worked out with the trainer and still ran over to do Zumba at my other gym. I finished my day with 14000 steps and felt good about that.

My hip which has been a problem felt good this week right up until last night. I was attempting to get steps walking in place in front of the TV last night and the repetitive motion of that seemed to irritate it. Twice last night I experienced snapping hip and WOW that is painful. It was not feeling much better today even though I tried stretching out the IT band with the foam roller. I worked with my trainer this morning wanted to go to the other gym after but decided I think the hip needs a break.

This one talked to me on many levels the entire week. Many times this week I wanted to just not do it - skip it but got up and did it. It's the very reason I was walking in place last night in front of TV - the roads were to icy to go out to the gym.

The universe loves a stubborn heart...... I guess that is why the universe continues to put me in the same place at the same time as my former friend. All those summer months I only bumped into him or saw him a couple times. In the past month during the winter it's been twice. I ask myself is this the universes way of saying don't give up?

Well I am not giving up on me, I am continuing to move forward one day - one choice at a time. There is not magic secret - don't GIVE UP!

By not giving up this week I am seeing results!

I Will ...Watch Me!

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