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When you know better.....but you do it anyway

I prepared, I looked at the menu before hand.... I had a plan in mind.

Yea that plan I had.....right out the window as I sat down at a restaurant. I have been told this particular place is potentially better than my all time favorite restaurant. Go big or go home right as I decided to celebrate a friends birthday with a 5 course meal..... Two glasses of Merlot, lost count of the bread in the basket - (that was really yummy) antipasto tray (6 baby shrimp), Salad, minestrone soup, spaghetti with meat sauce.... then comes the main course...Chateaubriand. Amazing meal but not as good as my all time favorite restaurant.

I expected a set back but i wasn't expecting it to ruin my entire week. I am always beneath my calorie intake. I am walking at least 10,000 steps a day how could one meal wreck my week I thought. Well two days later and still up 2.4 lbs ..... not a good choice apparently.... getting worried much for temporary.

So much work to take off 2.4lbs and so darn easy to put it on! Next time I am faced with this situation I am going to come back and read this little note to myself and hope I make a better choice!

Note to self: Nothing tastes as good as losing weight feels - stick to the plan :)

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