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The Winner is..... -4.9 lb Loss - 58.4 lbs Total

In three hours the winner will be announced at my personal trainer in the 6 week weight loss challenge. I actually have a chance of winning.

Today I couldn't wait to get into the gym and jump on that scale. I was down a total of 7 lbs which is 4% of my body weight. I certainly would like to win today..... the prize is a month free of personal training (about a $200.00 value) but if I don't I am still a Winner.

I am back on track and I am proud of myself.

I didn't falter the past few weeks and simply stuck to my plan that has always worked for me. I stopped making excuses and held myself accountable.

If you do it, it works it's that simple - I am winning and happy!

I Will....Watch Me!

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