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One of those Days....

I am looking for the positive today, yet I am having trouble.

Woke up and no progress on that one pound that I so desperately want to say Goodbye to. I know it's insignificant but yet for some reason I want that scale to say 199. I normally don't feel anxious about this stuff but yet this time I do. All this time I have been going right along like I have been melting like a snowman and the slow down seems to be appearing now.... I still think it should happen by Saturday but never know watch me plateau now.

After the whole morning scale ritual I head to office to have a complete unexpected day there. I work in the mortgage industry completely high stress and by far this day and frankly this week ranks up there as one of the worst weeks I can recall in this business after 20 years. Lot's and lot's of stress.... I was chained to my desk today and by the time 6:15 pm rolled around I had 2,400 steps in.... This is the lowest I have had since I purchased the Fitbit as I have been making an effort to get steps in. I have my bar set low at 6,000 per day and did manage to get that in today but I feel disappointed as generally I get 10,000.

Less movement than normal, stress and hitting a plateau (potentially) has me super frustrated! One silver lining here, I didn't binge eat :)

Here is the answer: BREATH IN - BREATH OUT - Sleep and start again tomorrow.

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