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Many Thanks For Birthday Wishes

Celebrating 47 Years Young today and 37.6 Lbs Lighter

In celebration of my birthday and my progress I bought this shirt and took a progress picture.

I am feeling so thankful and blessed. What a beautiful week I had. I have amazing supportive friends who are cheering me on as I reach my goals.

My best friends who I happen to work with decided to forego our normal birthday lunch and birthday cake to support my goals of losing weight and living a healthy life style.

I have been packing my lunch since I started this journey and generally just put it in a plastic bag. This year as a birthday present they got me a lunch bag and a water bottle. It was such a thoughtful way to support my efforts and I am truly grateful.

Along with the support of my closest friends I must express how much joy I experienced from the amazing group here at Spark People. I posted that pic (now my profile pic) and was so touched by all the thoughtful and kind birthday wishes I received along with so many people cheering me on.

I was super happy to make new friends on here as well that day. I was walking on cloud nine for over 24 hours after that!

Tomorrow I will blog on my 14 week wrap up but truly wanted to thank those who sent me such kind wishes! I was touched!

I Can and I Will....Watch Me!

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