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Level Up My Friend – Level Up – 71.7 lbs Down

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Finally Hit 70 lb Loss after One Year and Three Days!

If your not seeing the results you desire it’s once again time to go look in the mirror. Ask yourself why you aren’t.

In my case I knew I wasn’t seeing movement because I was exceeding my calorie range. It certainly wasn’t due to lack of activity or movement. Once again proving to myself that weight loss is done in the kitchen and getting fit is done at the gym.

Just a few weeks ago I set a goal that I was going to stay in my calorie range. I knew I wasn’t being honest in what I was logging in to my calorie counter. I also wasn’t measuring my portions and something as little as over eating pretzels or snacking truly does prevent my scale from moving in a downward direction. Being content in the 170’s has expired. Back to basics logging honestly and measuring my portions. I am happy to report my scale hit 169.5 today and I am on my way.

Whatever food plan you may be following I suggest you stick within your points, marcros, or calorie range. These things work. I started exploring this week a new food scale that has an application so I don’t have to manually log this stuff all the time but I haven’t made a decision yet.

I continue to miss the community at Spark People but I have found a community within the Mirror and made friends there that inspire me. For that I am thankful but the mirror is focused around being fit and ofcourse Spark was all encompassing. One such amazing woman on the mirror inspires me daily. She does more before I wake up every morning than I accomplish all day long. She found it in her heart to cheer me on and I am forever grateful. She even has sent me a couple tank tops that she made. She also sent a little bear wearing a motivational tshirt.

Warmed my heart and I placed my bear next to my mirror so I am inspired when I work out. If you need anything customized please visit her on Face Book or on Instagram. Harpers Custom Closet.

Feeling determined and excited to continue reporting results.

I Will Watch Me!

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