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Happy To Be Maintaining (Voted Featured Blog Post - Sparkpeople)

Despite stress and life changes I am happy to report I continue to maintain my loss. I still have not hit 75 lb loss but I am happy I have stayed in this range. Today I am at 73.6 lbs and my scale reports I am 154.5 lbs. It fluctuates but I am watching it to the best of my ability.

Long work hours have interrupted me eating my small meals during the day. I still manage to make sure I have something for breakfast. I have missed personal training over work which I can't stand doing. Thankful that I am controlling my portions and haven't gone back to my old ways of running through drive thru's after I haven't had anything to eat all day.

I truly believe I have made a life style change now and the person in this picture below no longer exits. Not only do I no longer look like this my thoughts are different. I am handling stress different and I simply don't see life the way this person once did.

I am maintaining my first goal which I hit on Good Friday staying a bit under it in fact but still have a desire to take off 10 more lbs maybe another 15 and see what that looks like. I still want to be ripped by the time I am 50 years old as well and I am determined to accomplish that. That means I need to continue to push forward and I haven't been up to it yet again I feel good to be maintaining.

I feel this way, I am just going to keep going!

I Can and I Will..... Watch Me!

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