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Guilt and the Fitbit - Get Moving

Today I received a little badge saying I have been here now for 30 Days.

On day 30 I set a modest goal of 6,000 steps with my new fitbit. I have a sedentary job and not real active in the winter. I watched the fitbit reach 4,000 which was after work and sat down again on my computer to relax. By the way I was making an effort today to simply reach that 4,000 mark. Extremely eye opening how little I do move around.

After work I settled in for my evening - the normal routine - make dinner and open my computer back up and sit on the couch. I watched some youtube video's about the fitbit - changed the clock screen on the fitbit.

That 4,000 step number kept staring me in the face. There was absolutely no reason I couldn't reach 6,000 and it wouldn't even take that long. All it required is for me to shut the computer down and get up and do something. The thought kept nagging at me, I felt guilty. Finally the moment arrived and I shut the computer down and walked around this house until I hit 6,000.

Day 30 down 13lbs hit my goal and hit my first fitbit goal of 6,000 steps - Happy.

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