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Ending Week 9 - 2.6 lb Loss - 25.8 lbs Total

Can't really ask for much more than this as far as results go......

I truly hope next week to be saying hello to Onederland. I never EVER want to see 200's again.

I took my measurements today - hard to believe it has been a month. I saw progress in the mid to lower section this month. I actually zipped up my Levi's 16W jeans last Saturday. Snug but I could wear them. That is always a good feeling. Last time roughly 10 years ago when I was super serious about this, I got into a size 8 for about one zip up before I went into full relapse. I still have those jeans hanging in the closet with the tags on and those are my goal jeans.

Overall still down emotionally even though I have so much to celebrate as far as success - Walking has been therapeutic.

Simply walking into week 10..... ready or not here I come.

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