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Ending Week 7 - 3.4 lb Loss - 20.2 lbs Total

I truly am happy right now to have said goodbye to 20lbs.

I am thankfuI that I took the first step and recommitted to myself to get healthy. I am just now able to notice some changes. I feel lighter and I am excited to be only 8lbs away until I get to ONEDERLAND. I am looking forward to be able to wear some of my favorite clothes again, and the idea of that is keeping me motivated to make good choices.

This week I upgraded to the Premium Membership for Spark People (No longer available). Seems every week or every other week I am adding things. I am enjoying the extras that the Premium Membership provides and it's my way of saying thank you for all the information they do provide free of charge.

I am incorporating Spark Coach into my morning routine. It's a way to keep me on track and I hope that it will keep me from faltering when the going gets tough. Let's face it, it's always fun when you are making progress, but it is when the progress seems to stall that we all need that extra push, that extra encouragement to keep going.

My biggest struggle right now is getting 10,000 steps in a day. I have done it every day this week, but I am really forcing myself to do it. I set my goal at 6,000 which again some days is a real struggle just to accomplish this. I need to clean out my workout room - a dedicated bedroom in my home that contains my treadmill and varies other fad exercise equipment.

I did not make an appointment to see the personal trainer this week. It took me 4 days to recover from her last session and I am fighting a cold. I think that trainer over did it last week and although I know this is important, it didn't make me want to run back in there and suffer again for another 4 days. Perhaps I am over doing working out, I am pushing myself to hard right now. It's more than ok to simply get the 6,000 steps in.

Good bye week 7

Hello Week 8

I Can and I Will...... Watch Me

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