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Ending Week 5 - 1.7 lb Loss - 13.9 lbs Total

Doesn't look like I will hit my two lb goal for this week.

Just as I comment on anyone's loss I am happy with the 1.7 lb loss but would have really liked to make it to 2 lbs.

In looking at my week - I was under my calorie goal every day in addition I incorporated my Fitbit with a 6,000 per day goal which I accomplished every day.

It was a long work week and the last two Friday evenings I have wanted to treat myself to something specifically a fat pizza. I haven't had these urges up until recently. Tonight I am going out with a friend and hope I make a good choice on the menu. It's a burger place known for it's burgers..... unlikely I am going to order a salad :) I should probably see if I can locate the menu ahead of time and plan what I am going to order. That seemed to work last week during a visit to OutBack Steakhouse.

I promised myself 6 weeks of really sticking to my eating plan. I am in the home stretch and I really want to reward myself at the end of next week for making it. What comes to mind is a binge day but I need to replace the idea that food as used as a reward and figure out a different way to reward myself for accomplishing goals.

As far as exercising is concerned, I figure the Fitbit and watching my steps is a good way to ease into the idea. I actually love walking especially around the lake but it's cold and I don't enjoy winter. I have my treadmill and I don't really enjoy that much either, but I may be cleaning out the workout room soon.

The 6,000 steps was not easy for me to get in a day and that was enlightening. I had to actually make an effort to accomplish that. Additionally I had purchased some limited time with a trainer for a new place that is opening around the corner. It's called my house fitness and you work directly with a trainer. It's not a fancy gym and the facility is used by appointment only. The cost was so minimal for 6 sessions I couldn't refuse, can't hurt checking it out. I have my Lifetime Fitness membership on hold. When I used and enjoyed that club it was because I was paying a fortune for a personal trainer. I guess I am on a quest to find a personal trainer that is reasonable in price to help me hit my fitness goals. This time around seems I am starting off with more flab then ever which I attribute to age ..... :(

Cheers to wrapping up week 5 and heading into week 6. I truly enjoy the friendships I have made on here, and love reading everyone's personal journey!

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