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Ending Week 40 - .3 lb Loss - 59.6 lbs Total

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Truly working on getting back into stride. Overall great week with not much to show for it. Fighting a cold and that has not helped matters.

No trainer today he is on vacation. Looking at my week I need to stop snacking on skinny pop or measure that out rather than grab the bag. I expect to see better results next week, boat is tucked away and I am planning my week out and I will be prepared.

Getting my steps in is becoming more challenging now with the shorter days I should get in my spare room which used to be my work out room and organize it, make it functional for the upcoming colder months, I am going to need to get back on my treadmill. Not sure why but it's so much easier when I can walk and do activities outside.

Wishing all a productive week ahead!

I Can and I Will.... Watch Me.....

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