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Ending Week 4 - 2.4 lb Loss - 12.2 lbs Total

Wrapping up week 4 and I feel successful, in control. Pleased with a 12.2 loss in about a months time. When I hit 30 days in I would really like to see 13lbs but even if I don't I know it's coming.

I am somewhat of an obsessive personality. I either like something or I don't. I am into something or I am not. Seldom is there anything in-between. Black and White very little Grey.

I know when I commit to something that I can achieve it.

In the beginning this is the exciting part. Waking up every day, jumping on the scale and seeing progress. Knowing that all the effort of planning and making good choices is paying off. Been holding off on exercise, plan on saving that in my toolbox for when I hit the inevitable plateau. I am even looking forward to that stage of this process, as I want to be more active. I want to use my paddle board this summer rather than let it collect dust like I did last summer. It won't be that long and Spring and Summer will be upon us.

I am a new member here to Spark People and I am enjoying this community. Reading peoples stories and successes. Interacting and offering encouraging words. In fact I like coming here better than Facebook right now. To much negativity on Facebook. Great tool and helps keep me on track. This is the first time I have logged food and I am optimistic this may in fact be the one thing I was missing previously. I am hoping it will be the tool that will allow me to maintain this once I reach my goal.

Leaving Week 4 behind along with 12.2lbs..... Life is good.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend filled with great choices.

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