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Ending Week 39 - 6.7 lb GAIN - 59.3 lbs Total

Starting Over!

Today is a new day and a new opportunity to begin again. I was so close to reaching my first goal and now I have 9.8 lbs remaining.

I have to ask myself what happened and why? Maybe more importantly this was a learning lesson for me. I clearly over the years have mastered exactly how to take weight off for me, I have no clue how to keep it off. How many times have I done this reached my goal then turn and go in the opposite direction?

A heartfelt thank you to a spark friend this week who noticed I had been missing in action and took the time to send me an email and poked me. Thank you so much for tossing me a life jacket.

I knew that spark people had been critical in my journey but I wasn't logging in every morning anymore. I was tracking my food but not with 100 honesty (far less). I blew my streak of my 10 minutes of activity during the past few weeks. I skipped my weekly blogs over all I would give myself a C- and the scale shows it.

I didn't miss my training sessions, I even made my 6,000 steps my bare minimum every day. I didn't run through a fast food place and place an order of a Big Mac, two Cheeseburgers, Large fry and 10 piece mcnuggets every day. Yet I did stop at Coney Island and have a hot dog and coney fries twice..... and nacho's and late night boat rides with WINE lots of it. Yet I still feel I was doing the right things 70% of the time and WOW is this eye opening.

Need to run to the trainer where I need to weigh in and do measurements. This will not be a good day with him, but it's a great day as I start again.

I Can and I Will.....Watch Me!

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