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Ending Week 33 - 2.2 lb Loss - 63.7 lbs Total

I am 5.4 lbs away from hitting my very first long term goal that I set.

My first long term goal: I wanted to be 159 lbs.

I can see the finish line and I am super motivated to get there.

Yet I know this is NOT the finish line....... and today as I seem to be almost within reach of that goal it occurred to me that I need to really start thinking about new goals. I know 159 is not my finish line and I know whatever number or clothing size I pick is also not the finish line.

Even when you get there.... there are new goals and nothing truly changes because it's a life style change.

Meanwhile I have celebrated each little goal along the way. I have had so much fun doing it here on spark people. I can't say enough about the encouragement and supportive people here. I am so thankful and only hope that I give back as much as I have received.

My trainer said to the owner of the gym today that I am his most improved client. The owner told me that while we were talking after my session. I am glad she told me, it made me I feel really good about the things I have accomplished. This week I benched 60lbs and one of my favorite spark friends pointed out that I benched the amount of weight I have lost.

There is no finish line ..... Keep sparking friends!

I Can and I Will ....Watch Me.......

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