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Ending Week 30 - 1.3 lb Loss - 57.4 lbs Total

This one seemed to speak to me and would sum up how I am feeling. I think it's time for some house cleaning - Get rid of some clutter.

I feel I have made great progress when it comes to the clutter on my old idea's about food. I continue to make good choices most of the time slipping once in awhile but jump quickly back on track. My previous ways of eating did not support a better self.

I still am enjoying exercising and this week I found myself getting walks in first thing in the morning. I get tired of coming home from work needing to get the majority of it done. It's a small thing but I am trying to embrace working out in the morning.

I am walking, paddle boarding, biking, and working out two times a week with the trainer. My girlfriend decided to take a break this month and try something else. I miss her going already but I will not falter. I am truly working hard and finally after 4 months I am starting to really see my body changing. I am getting some definition in my arms. I can touch my arms and feel muscle now not to far underneath my skin. I am starting to get an athletic look about me I haven't had since a teenager.

I am due for my monthly measurements on Wednesday. Seems I am losing about 5 lbs per 30 +/- a day or two. I might fall a bit shy of that 5 lb monthly loss. I am looking for other things to keep me sparked other than that number on the scale. I expect to see results in my measurements because I had a NSV this past week. I have a Fanny pack that I couldn't get around my waist and this week I was able to. I was happy about that. Now when go out bike riding I can carry a few things.

Meanwhile I will just continue to focus on cleaning up the clutter that I have created in my life so I can create a better self all the way around.

At some point I will need to examine some truly toxic relationships that I have created. I have always functioned from a place of trying to please everyone else that I did lose myself and here I am 47 years old trying to figure out who I am.

Keep sparking everyone....

I Can and I Will....Watch Me!

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