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Ending Week 3 - 3lb Loss - 9.6 lbs Total

3 Weeks 9.8 lbs gone! Celebrating today!

What is that saying, "Nothing tastes as good as losing weight feels."

There isn't anything that tastes as good as I am feeling at this moment. Not even Pizza and I am happy to report that I wasn't even tempted by that this week. My friend bought a slice of pizza at Costco. I checked the calorie count on that at 730 calories and though that really isn't worth it.

I have mentioned before that I have yo yo dieted. Losing 80lbs, another time 60lbs. I never tracked what I ate before. I was following a plan that didn't track calories, and in fact I am still following that same plan but now tracking calories here. Turns out my previous plan placed me at about the 1200 calorie mark which is at the lower end on my tracker here. I feel liberated in some sense about using the tracking, not tied to the only foods on my plan. I know that I can change it some and simply log the calories and stay within range.

That makes me feel like I have choices and not tied to the same foods and gives me hope that finally portion control along with tracking may in fact be the secret for me to keep this weight off this time.

38lbs to go on goal #1

58lbs to go on goal #2

Wishing everyone great success on their journey!

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