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Ending Week 26 - 4 lb Loss - 54.5 lbs Total

Last week I was reporting a gain for no reason this week I am reporting a very nice loss. I have been avoiding the scale this week to stay away from the ups and downs. I am also happy to report that I am enjoying the ride.

This week I was off work until Wednesday which I enjoyed every single moment of. We had nice boat weather. My eating was not perfect but I was active and I was simply hoping to hold this week. Working does make life easier for planning meals and being on a schedule so by Wednesday I was back in my normal routine and reporting fantastic progress for the week.

Measurements with the trainer should be today and I feel as if I have had alot of progress.

Physically I am feeling stronger every day.

Emotionally still feeling a bit like that roller coaster. I had reached out to my friend right after our fireworks in hopes to open a conversation and obtain my things. It's going on 3 weeks now and he still can't seem to make a plan to do this. In our brief texts I can tell there has been no change other than I had initial hope when he first answered saying "Hi Cuddles"

I think we finally have an official appointment next Thursday and he is supposed to call me Thursday afternoon to confirm the details. All I can say about this is WOW..... Unbelievable. All communication done via TEXT although I did try calling because the date he proposed on Wednesday would have conflicted with the trainer. Wouldn't even pick the phone up. Or acknowledge the early Happy Birthday Wish as he turns 60 years old on the 10th. Meanwhile like the up's and downs on the scale and the roller coaster, one moment I want to see him and the next moment I think I should pass. This situation does seem to cause triggers for me wanting to eat garbage but I am aware of it and dealing with it.

Looking forward to Thursday being over one way or another and moving forward.

Off to the trainer and working on enjoying the ride :)

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