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Ending Week 25 - 2.4 lb GAIN - 50.5 lbs Total

Boom - that is how last Saturday ended.

Firework night on the boat is my favorite night of the year. I decided that for the first time I was going to really go off plan. I gave myself permission for that day.

Next day I was up 1.1 lbs but nothing crazy. By Wednesday I was back and Thursday I saw my lowest number on the scale. Friday morning right back up there and today even worse. Yet I would give my week a strong B and I am showing a 2.4 lb gain. My hands feel swollen and I have to believe I am retaining water as that is a crazy gain for having a decent week.

Most notable this week was simply that jumping back and regrouping after a day of having a few things that I haven't been eating seemed challenging. I had some frito's and I was wanting things of similar nature for two days following that. I indulged in more than an appropriate portion of skinny pop while watching House of Cards two nights in a row. I was truly shocked that I was truly craving this junk. Not that two nights of some Skinny Popcorn is terrible so many other choices worse but I did make a note of it that I was actually wanting it.

I will not get discouraged about what the scale indicated today I will keep at it and today work my butt off with the trainer and hope to sweat off 2.4 lbs :)

I am feeling good and moving forward! Wishing everyone a Spark filled day!

I Can and I Will .... Watch Me

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