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Ending Week 24 - .4 lbs GAIN - 52.9 lbs Total

I am reporting a minor gain this week. A week ago today I went and celebrated my dad's 75th birthday and Father's Day at my all time favorite restaurant.

I did not order my normal 7 course meal but still over indulged some. It cost me most of my week and I started seeing the scale bounce back Thursday. I was up 1.5 lbs after that meal but had hoped to report a break even but I guess grabbing some skinny popcorn (to much) at midnight while watching House of Cards wasn't a good idea.

Yet I am completely ok with it - I enjoyed the dinner and I am moving forward. I was truly hungry when I grabbed that popcorn but shouldn't have grabbed the bag - should have placed some in a bowl. I consider my week just breaking even more than a gain.

I had a challenging week very stressful month end in the mortgage industry. Highlight was working out with the trainer on Wednesday where I was lifting 40 lbs. When I started I couldn't even do 20lbs. Not only was I doing it but I was feeling really good about it.

Tonight is my favorite night of the year on our lake. It's fireworks night. This year I will be spending it very differently than I have the past 4 years. Starting with I am running to work-out this morning! :) This year I will be watching the fireworks with my dad and not my former friend. Alot of people on our lake and dock are having friends out.... perhaps it's time to meet new friends.

Feeling calm and knowing "Everything will fall into place. Be Patient."

Here's to moving forward and being patient.

I Can and I Will Watch Me

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