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Ending Week 22 - 2.1 lb Loss - 50.4 lbs Total

Best week yet!

There are so many things I am excited about and proud about.

The biggest one being what it felt like to zip up and wear my size 10 Levi jeans. I really haven't moved much on the scale and like everyone else I was getting frustrated. Alot of effort and not much to show for it. I was determined to just keep going and looking forward to hearing about my measurements at the trainer mid week.

I had tried on these size 10 jeans about 3 weeks ago and they weren't even close to zipping. Tuesday morning I thought I would estimate how my measurements might go the following day and decided to try those jeans on again! I was shocked zipped right up and weren't tight! I was in these same jeans in 2013 but wearing some shape wear to uncomfortably wear them. This was such a great feeling.

I was smiling all day long, beaming over it. That smile wasn't coming off my face no matter what happened that day. It was a blue sky day and when I arrived at work (my best friends home) the song the Shape Of You was playing on the radio and I turned up the volume full blast literally ran into her house grabbed her and made her come out on the porch and dance with me. I was doing a happy dance.

Trainer went well this week and measurement day went as expected. Nice progress in only 4 weeks which I already knew simply because I was zipping those jeans. I can see it and feel the changes in my body. I can feel the muscle under my skin which is a newer development. I can see the progress in my arms and all of a sudden I am visualizing how I might look when I reach that goal of being Fit by 50.

I am doing it choice by choice - day by day - and we all have it within us to do it. I can design and create whatever body I desire. It's all about how much I want it and how much effort I am willing to put in to get there.

That truly is the secret of life too isn't it?

Meanwhile if that wasn't enough progress this week on Friday it was official I hit the 50 lb loss. I feel good about it but not as good as I feel about those jeans.

Off to the Saturday Trainer Session -

Spark Friends your encouragement and support has truly kept me focused and moving forward. I appreciate each of you and wish I could give each of you a real hug!

I Can and I Will .... Watch Me

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