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Ending Week 18 - 1.7 lb Loss - 44.7 lbs Total

I love this little comic. It's true everyone knows I love my pontoon boat and in 48 hours my boat will be hitting the water for Summer 2017. Weather is looking promising too for it's arrival.

A month ago I stated I wanted another 10 lbs off before the boat arrived and well I fell short but I did not falter. I am working harder than I have been the last 30 days but it's getting tougher for me to lose. Mid week I saw 45 lbs and I posted a status update, I lost it by .3 the very next day and haven't seen it since. I know I am going to hit it just as I know I am going all the way this time and maintaining it. I made the commitment to myself now - I Will.... Watch Me.

One thing for sure is I am no longer this person from the 2016 boat season. That person was coping by smoking it off and running through drive thru's trying to please everyone. Last season some days I was simply too tired from work to walk 500 steps down to the boat and uncover and recover.

I am not sure what the 2017 boat season will truly look like but my former friend will no longer be occupying the Captains Seat - that seat belongs to me.

This season I will learn how to dock this boat myself and not be dependent on others.

I am the Captain of my own ship and I look forward to new 2017 adventures. I am committed to be healthier making better choices for both my physical and mental well being.

Stay tooned.....

I Can and I Will ..... Watch Me.

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