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Ending Week 16 - 3.1 lb Loss - 39.7 lbs Total

I am so close to that 40 lb mark something I thought I would have hit last week. Yet I had that minor set back last week for no reason - I increased my activity, my calories were on point and I had that small gain. That was last week however "I will always get up after I fall" and I am back making progress.

Big thanks to many of you here. I had a helping hand getting back up from friends here at Spark. I had some truly heart warming private comments to me based on my last blog. I have also made a friend here who I admire greatly and hope to have as a friend for the long haul. I was able to share privately something in my past that I was carrying around with me that I just truly haven't been able to discuss.

In fact last night I had dinner with my best girlfriend from High School. I truly believed I had told her about an event in my life and last night during our discussion she said I started to once but I stopped and couldn't discuss it. The topic was quickly changed during out dinner conversation and maybe I still don't want to discuss it in detail but one thing for sure is I am thinking about it.

Feeling good about where I am at right now with the goals I set for myself. I am on track and I have returned myself to what I consider my safe and comfortable weight. How can 188.4 be that I have no idea but I have recently received many compliments about where I am at. One even calling me skinny legs....... My big boss said I have lost years and couldn't stop talking about it. Anyway I have hit that point where people notice and comment and I guess I am moving out of the shadows once again.

I mentioned last week I am not at my ideal weight per the charts but certainly I am at a place where I am comfortable. Spark Coach today referred to that as my happy weight and there was a whole little segment on this today that I found value in.

As I am moving along this path and I am seeing great progress here I am starting to ponder already what I am going to tackle next when I master this. The principles of life and the secrets to living rather than just existing are in this exact formula and can be applied universally. Chris here at Spark People referred to this once as Chris Crossing.

I started my journey actually quitting smoking which "Chris Crossed" me to here and I can't wait to see where I can apply these principles again in my life.

Additionally I have to mention two other things that I am actually pretty proud of. I inspired a friend to stop smoking and that person sent me a big shout out as they began their journey. I also sent a friend I met there to join our spark group and she is on her way now. I am excited to watch her progress because I know she can do it!

The spark truly is turning into a flame and I am so very grateful! Thank you Spark People.

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