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Ending Week 13 - 3.6 lb Loss - 34.7 lbs Total - HALF WAY THERE!

Today I hit the half way mark - 34.7 Lbs GONE with 34.4 Lbs to go. Halfway up the hill now and each and every day gets more exciting.

Last weekend I went into my closet and tried on some of my summer shorts that I haven't been able to get into in awhile. I have boat season on my mind as I am about 30 days out. Sunny Michigan days and boat time keeps me going during our crap winters. The shorts zip but certainly not the most comfortable. I need another 10 pounds gone by the time I bring the boat out of storage.

I had a good time with the Fitbit this week. I didn't even finish last in the work week hustle challenge I participate in. I do generally get at least 10,000 steps a day and this week I did more than that consistently. It is so much easier than when I started.

Room for improvement: I keep talking about my need to start strength training. This week I logged a very short strength training video. The video is like 4 Min and 17 seconds. I found it hard! Yikes, I need strength training! I did the video 3 times this week I think. It's a start. I will do it today as well and I think I am going to try to incorporate the Bosu ball with it. I like the concept of just 10 Minutes and maybe I just need to start there consider that 10 minutes is probably going to be a real push for me given that 4 minutes was! Work in progress.....

Biggest challenge this week will be surviving the Birthday! Wednesday I will welcome in 47. I do not want a set back by celebrating this event with food, as I did in March celebrating a friends birthday. Our normal routine for these events is going to a fancy place for dinner and having a 7 course meals. I would still like to dine out and I have successfully done that many times in the 13 weeks. Probably going to pass on my all time favorite place because I guess I don't want to go there and order something when I really want something else. We shall see how that all turns out.

I expect to have a stall on the scale this week. Last week was very surprising and aggressive. Goal this week is to survive the birthday week with no gain.

Lastly I find so much inspiration in seeing before and after pics. I am inspired by so many people daily who take the time to share their journey. The community here makes a real difference for me and for that I am thankful.

Wishing all of you a great week ahead!

I Can and I Will..... Watch Me!

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