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Ending Week 12 - 2.8 lb Loss - 31.1 lbs Total

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

31.1 Lbs Gone in just 12 short weeks.

It's amazing what we all have the ability to accomplish when we put our minds to it. Only 38 more pounds to go! I say that lightly because I know the closer you get to goal the harder this becomes.

I am so happy I can move around so much easier now without that additional weight! This week I zipped up and wore a women's size 14P. When I pulled them out of my closet I held them up and they looked small. They have stretch in them, but I was thinking I wasn't going to be able to wear those and sure enough I could! I look forward to saying goodbye to Women's Plus size clothing and wearing regular clothes!

As I wrap up my 2nd round of six weeks I am enthused and excited to enter the 3rd round. When I complete the next round of six weeks it will be the very beginning of May. Boat season will begin and the lake will become alive. My happy place. I can see myself 12lbs lighter than I am today and actually paddle boarding around our lake. I really stink at the paddle board but I am determined to master it this year!

I am so proud and happy today for what I have accomplished so far!

Week 13 here I come and I am more than ready!

I Can and I Will.....Watch Me!

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