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Ending Week 11 - 1.5 lb Loss - 28.3 lbs Total

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Stayed on course despite stressful work week.

Wrapping up week 11 - I finally hit ONEDERLAND. I am very thankful I said goodbye to the 200's and hit 199.8 lbs. I wanted these 28.3 lbs gone yesterday because I had hoped I had said goodbye to the 200's long ago. Yet here I am doing it once again.

This time saying goodbye feels very different - different in a good way! I honestly think the difference is Spark People (website no longer running). I enjoy coming here every day and reading peoples success's and struggles. I hope by sharing mine that maybe it helps one person, as I find myself inspired by so many on here each day. Love the mobile app when it tells me I forgot to track my lunch - which for me often means I haven't taken a lunch yet. It's like a little alarm to break from work, get some steps in and eat! Also I upgraded to be ad free but find alot of value in Spark Coach. I do Spark Coach in my morning routine it seems to get me in the right frame of mind and thinking about things for my day. Little tips here and there that I can incorporate. One tip I discovered yesterday was doing squats when I get up and sit down from my desk. Just one would add up to alot and I am going to do it.

Overall I think Sparkpeople is the one gift I have given myself, it's me time. Something I have been so bad at over the years putting everyone and everything ahead of myself. All of a sudden as I am approaching 47 years old it has occurred to me that I am important and taking care of me is important. I plan to be a long term member even when I meet goal and hope to find friends on here who also plan to be here.

I am visualizing my 30 lb loss already and that is what I hope to be logging in a week from today. :)

Wishing everyone a fantastic week ahead!

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