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Ending Week 10 - 1 lb Loss - 26.8 lbs Total

Wrapping up week 10 and pleased that the food drama last Sunday didn't cost me my entire week. I am happy with the 1lb since last Saturday, but not happy that I can't announce this week I hit ONEDERLAND.

I blogged about it mid week and certainly it isn't that I regret going to dinner. What I didn't like and hope to have learned from was that I could have gone and simply made better choices. One Merlot vs Two. One piece of bread vs. Four (or whatever I had) skipped the other stuff, had a filet and take 1/2 home. That would have been enjoyable and probably wouldn't have cost me 4 days to recover from all the food drama :)

I did well with the Fitbit this week, I think I hit 10,000 steps with exception of one day. The trainer called wondering if I was coming back. I expressed to her that the gal over did it with me that day. She offered to place me with the other trainer and I feel I need to give him a try. I have started doing some light weights and bought a Bosu ball. When I worked with a personal trainer last time we used the Bosu Ball alot and I discovered at 75.00 per hour with trainer we didn't use any of the fancy gym stuff.... eye opening.

I am moving forward with my eye on ONEDERLAND this week coming! I am determined and it's going to happen!

I Can and I Will ..... Watch Me.....

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